Bellagio Taxi

Tours and transfers from Bellagio to Tirano and Sankt Moritz

An incredible and unforgettable experience, boarding the Bernina Red Train: it is not a simple train, but a real arena overlooking the fascinating spectacle of nature. A breathtaking and amazing journey along the steep slopes will take you to the highest point a train can reach in all of Europe! An adventure not to be missed! A trip to discover the Alps, along the highest railway in Europe (2253 m.s.l.m), Unesco heritage. The Bernina Express tour offers panoramic views of spectacular landscapes along the route from Tirano to St Moritz, between the glaciers and the peaks of the Alps. Once you arrive in St. Moritz you will have the opportunity to relax, walking by the lake or visiting the historic center of this renowned village, where a driver awaits you for the return journey to Lake Como. On the return journey by car, you will cross the Maloja pass, a scenic road nestled in the woods between the Italian and Swiss Alps.

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