Bellagio Taxi Terms & Conditions


1.1. Bellagio Taxi C.F/ P.I . 03638905133 based in Bellagio (CO) in via alle Cascine 11, carries out the rental service with driver, which belongs to the category of non-scheduled public services and directly provides for the collective or individual transport of people, with a complementary function and supplementary to scheduled public services.

1.2. These services are carried out at the request of users, on a non-continuous or periodic basis, on itineraries and times established from time to time, only and exclusively upon reservation request.

1.3. The car rental service with driver provides for the supply of a vehicle for passenger transport conducted exclusively by a driver registered in the Professional Role of the category at the relevant Chambers of Commerce, in possession of the specific requirements and valid documents that enable the same to the public exercise

The rental services with driver offered by Bellagio taxi are divided into the following types:
a) Transfer services to and from airports;
b) Hourly provision: consists of transporting the customer to their destination and remaining at their disposal; the rates are based on the time the car is available and the length of the route.
c) Transfers: they consist in transporting the Customer to their destination without any intermediate stop; upon reaching the destination, the driver leaves the customer and does not remain at his disposal.
d) Private Shuttles: they are characterized by the consistency of the timetable and the route and by the repetition of the service over time; once agreed with the customer, the type of vehicle is always the same except for exceptional situations.
e) Special services: they consist in satisfying the Customer’s demand for special services, national or international, with the possible request of special vehicles (transport management for events, conferences and exhibitions, high-level representation and security services, tourist visits and excursions, night service for receptions, theater, clubs, etc.)

2.2. The company undertakes to provide the following additional paid services:
a) provision of a professional tour guide. For car rental services with driver, on request, the customer can request the presence of a driver who also carries out the tour guide service;
b) provision of an interpreter or driver of the requested language, according to availability;
c) making available to hostesses for the reception of the public and customers at conferences, meetings and the like.

2.3. For rental services with driver, with the exception of transfers, a minimum period of 2 hours per hour applies.

2.4. For direct extra-urban transfers (non-stop), the fare is calculated with a cost per kilometer, considering the round trip kilometers


3.1 Bellagio Taxi collaborates with other rental companies with driver, which undertake to operate with the same standards of quality and efficiency, and may use these for the performance of services if it deems it appropriate.

3.2 The companies that collaborate with Bellagio taxi are solely and directly responsible for the services entrusted to them.


4.1. The booking request must be made directly at the company headquarters:
a) By phone at the mobile number (+39 3297032702)
which must necessarily follow the request by e-mail. The telephone booking is confirmed by means of a communication containing the customer’s data and the description of the booked service which is sent to the email address communicated by the customer and visible through the web portal.
b) By e-mail (info@bellagiotaxi.com)
c) Using the website www.bellagiotaxi.com

4.2 The Company confirms the booking by e-mail and assumes no responsibility for bookings made with other systems.

4.3 The booking confirmation that will be sent must be kept and presented to the driver upon request.

4.4 The service will be provided in the manner, at the times and in the places indicated in the service confirmation document, which the customer acknowledges as full proof between the parties in relation to the execution of the service itself, as agreed.

4.5 The customer is required to verify the correctness of the information contained therein and to promptly report any discrepancies with respect to what is requested.

4.6 The availability of vehicles is guaranteed if the reservation request is sent at least two hours before the service, with the exception of services rendered outside the provincial capitals and the Italian territory, for which confirmation is subject to availability. The guarantee of availability may not be ensured in the case of: events, fairs, international congresses, large private and institutional events, ordered parties, natural events, and causes of force majeure.

4.7 At the time of booking, the customer is required to communicate: a) the presence of baggage and dimensions. b) the presence of minors who need child seats or other safety systems provided for by the Highway Code c) the presence of animals d) the presence of handicapped passengers, who need a wheelchair.
The customer is obliged to report any problems deriving from inefficiencies or deficiencies directly attributable to our work as soon as possible. We will take action to quickly resolve any inconvenience and loss in full customer satisfaction. These conditions of transport and all related services comply with the laws governing the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.


5.1 The information contained in the descriptive pages of the services offered are of a purely informative nature and do not constitute a contractual proposal or an offer to the public of the services described.

6.1 The rates are subject to continuous changes depending on the time, day of the week, the time remaining for the service at the time the booking is requested and the availability of vehicles. In the event of a convention or framework agreement, the rates will be fixed and not subject to changes unless previously agreed.

6.2 For direct extra-urban transfers (non-stop), the fare is calculated with a cost per kilometer considering round trip.

6.3 Rates include: fuel and motorway tolls in Italy; additional expenses (ZTL, motorway tolls abroad, ferries, etc.) will be charged on the invoice.

6.4 The pick up services from / to the airports have dedicated rates.

6.5 Unless otherwise indicated, for services that start at the airport, the rate includes 45 free minutes from the time the flight lands, while for all other services the rate includes 15 minutes of free waiting.

6.6 The waiting time after that foreseen by point 6.5 will be charged on an hourly basis.

6.7 For each service lasting 8 hours or more, a refund of the meal is due as per the tariff. At the twelfth hour from the start of the service, the driver’s second meal is scheduled for the same price.

6.8 In the case of services that involve the driver’s overnight stay, the reimbursement of hotel expenses is due, which will be communicated to the customer at the time of booking.

6.9 For services carried out on holidays and / or during the night (22:00 – 07:00) there is a surcharge of 25% on the ordinary rate, while for services carried out on Christmas, New Year and Easter there is a 50% surcharge.

6.10 The consideration for services booked and not used by the customer is non-refundable.


7.1 You can pay the driver directly in cash, by credit card, online by link or by bank transfer which must be sent to the current account with bank details that will be provided upon confirmation of the booking.

7.2 Upon confirmation of the booking we ask for a small deposit (approximately 30% of the cost of the service) to make sure the reservation.

7.3 The customer undertakes not to provide false information on his personal details and address.

7.4 Invoices will be sent via the interchange system in electronic format, a courtesy copy will be sent to the booker, and will contain a detailed description of the service rendered and any extras.


8.1 Changes to already confirmed bookings may be requested, which are subject to availability verification and may lead to a change in rate.

8.2 All changes are considered accepted only if confirmed in writing together with any new rate.

8.3 If the change requested by the customer cannot be made, the service will be reconfirmed as originally.

8.4 Any extension of the rental and / or the request for additional services to those booked, will be carried out based on the availability of the driver and no responsibility is accepted for agreements made directly with the same.

9.1 Bellagio Taxi is committed to offering a high quality service, through the use of safe cars equipped with all comforts, as well as driven by professional drivers.

9.2 The company also undertakes to use recently registered cars, covered by insurance, with ceilings at the top of the category and in compliance with the circulation permits in force in Italy and in the European Economic Community.

9.3 The transport of passengers is fully covered by the insurance that Bellagio Taxi has stipulated for its vehicles with third parties.

10.1 Each passenger can carry a maximum of two packages. (1 standard size hold luggage and 1 hand luggage)

10.2 Any excess baggage (eg sports equipment such as skis and equipment etc.) must be declared at the time of booking, in order to ensure that the rented car is properly used for these types of transport.

10.3 The driver may refuse to load on the cars bulky objects that are not declared, suitcases in excess or that do not have suitable transport conditions (e.g. broken, dirty, wet suitcases, etc.), if he believes that they could compromise the safety conditions of the trip .

10.4 It is not allowed to carry baggage inside the passenger compartment, as per the Highway Code.

10.5 Passenger properties are transported under the sole responsibility of the passenger who declares ownership at the time of boarding.

10.6 Liability for theft, damage or loss of luggage cannot be contested either to the company or to the driver


11.1 Users of the rental service are prohibited from:
a) smoke during transport;
b) throw objects from both stationary and moving vehicles;
c) smudge, soil or damage the vehicle;
d) eat and / or drink alcohol;
e) demand the transport of pets without having taken, in agreement with the hirer, all the necessary measures to avoid damage or soiling of the car;
f) to demand that the transport be returned in violation of the safety and behavior rules provided for by the current Highway Code12)


12.1The customer can cancel the reservation by e-mail (info@bellagiotaxi.com) or through the customer area of the website www.bellagiotaxi.com within the time provided below, unless otherwise agreed.

12.2 For the cancellation of the service, the following penalties apply for car and van services rendered in the Italian territory: a) up to 48 hours from the departure of the service no penalty is applied. b) up to 24 hours from the departure of the service, a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount is applied; c) if the cancellation is made within 12 hours, the amount due for the service must be fully paid (or a penalty of 80% of the total amount is applied).

12.3 In the event of a canceled flight / train or delay of more than 30 minutes at departure, the customer is obliged to notify , so that the presence of an attendant on arrival is guaranteed. For bus services ,free cancellation is 15 days before the service.

12.4 If the user does not notify of the delay or cancellation of the flight / train he loses the right to the service and will still have to pay a penalty equal to 50% of the total amount.

12.5 In all other cases, if the user does not show up within the hour from the start of the service without having communicated any delays or cancellation of the same (so-called “No Show”), he loses the right to the service and must in any case, pay the full amount due in addition to the expected waiting supplements.


13.1 Bellagio taxi undertakes in every reasonable way to make its vehicles arrive on time for the departure and arrival appointments at their destination and will not be responsible for delays due to force majeure.

13.2 Costs, losses or other damages caused to the user and attributable to Bellagio Taxi except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, will be reimbursed only within the limits of the value of the service requested.

13.3 If Bellagio Taxi is unable to transport the user, with its own means or with the means of external collaborators, to the booked and paid destination, it will arrange the transfer by external means (TAXI, Rental with driver, rental) and subsequently to reimburse the customer for the cost of such transport upon presentation of a receipt / invoice; the refund cannot exceed the agreed rates for the same route.


14.1 The rental relationship referred to in this contract is governed by Italian law.

14.2 In the event of a conflict between the Italian version and any translated versions of this contract, the former will always prevail.

14.3 Cancellations received after this deadline will result in the customer paying a penalty equal to 50% of the price of the booked service, in addition to any expenses incurred by the company.

14.4 In the event that the customer does not show up for the appointment with the driver without giving any notice to the company or its auxiliaries, after 45 minutes, the car will return to the garage and the unused service will be fully charged to the customer.


15.1 Bellagio Taxi reserves the right to modify at any time, in part or in full, the conditions set out in this agreement, by publishing the new general conditions of the contract on the website www.bellagiotaxi.com and without giving prior notice to customers, tours operators or agencies.


16.1 If one of the provisions of this Agreement is deemed invalid or ineffective, in whole or in part, it will be considered as not forming part of this Agreement, which will remain valid and applicable for the remaining provisions.


17.1 Secondary agreements, modifications or additions to these general terms and conditions will be valid only and exclusively if agreed in writing.