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Your driver can pick you up at your hotel, apartment, cruise ship dock, airport, train station, or any other pickup point accessible by car. This also applies to the place of delivery. No need to worry about buses, taxis or other connections: Bellagio Taxi offers door-to-door service! If you are in a pedestrian zone, your driver will meet you at a designated pick-up point.


At the airport you will meet the driver at the exit after baggage claim.

Train station

At the train stations you will meet the driver at the exit of the station.


In the hotel or apartment you will meet the driver at the lobby or reception.

Cruise chip

At the cruise port you will meet the driver at the exit of the ship.

Clean and comfortable luxury cars.

We carry out rigorous checks for vehicles, so you will always have a full option car that is safe, clean and comfortable.

Local drivers

Our drivers are all local.They are professional drivers know the roads well, so they can make you travel safely.

Help with your luggage 

Our friendly drivers help you with your bags and keep them safe if you stop for lunch or visit the city.


For any problem you can contact the mobile phone number active 24 hours every day.
+39 3297032702
Via alle Cascine 11-(22021) Bellagio (CO) Italy
P.Iva: 0363895013